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Windmolenvereniging NOORDENWIND

Friese Milieu Federatie

Solar boat race Stretch 3 from Stavoren to Bolsward.
The Sinne Rinner got a delay near Hindelopen because the port side propeller got stuck due to waterplants. After some acrobatic actions of the skipper to remove the debris from the propeller the Sinne Rinner is running fine again.
For a videoshot check Omrop Fryslan.nl Click here

At this page images of the making the Sinne Rinner II .

Sunday june 15 2008
Maiden voyage of the Sinne Rinner!!!

An impression
Impression 1

Impression 2

Impression 3

Impression 4

Saturday may 24 2008
Sinne Rinner II Casco is ready for transport to Drachten!

from the shop
From the shop ready for transport..

just fits
Everything just fits, but it is a rather large boat.

Trailer fenders need to be repositioned .

Rearview .

Ready for departure
Ready for departure .

Have a safe trip
Have a safe trip!

empty nest
Remains an empty nest....

Saturday may 17 2008
View from the cockpit

Steering wheel
Positioning of the steering wheel on starboard side.

First step into the cockpit
First step into the cockpit!.

Strong enough?
Trial one! .

Sunday may 4 2008
Rear view port side

Centersection between the two floats
Centersection positioned between the floats and secured with clamps

All parts together
All parts together.

Tuesday april 29 2008
2nd coating
The 2nd coating is just applied.

Central hull is glassed

Central hull..
The central hull has its final shape

Sunday april 27 2008
Central hull is in place".

Stitching of the panels

Friday april 25 2008
The structure with carbonfibre reinforcement .

All bulkheads are epoxy coated

Cleaning job
Glue did not cure well. So all had to be removed and cleaned thorougly for the next trial.

central part
The "stitch and glue" panels for the center section are ready to be glued.

Thurday April 17 2008
Coating nr 1
After curing of the resin of the port float, followed the starboard float. The first coating (of 3) is applied here.

The glassing of both floats. After a 16 hr working day (partly during night) the port float was ready.

Wednesday april 2 2008
The testrudder gets its form .

Both floats are sanded
Both floats are sanded. A little fairingdust after a day of hard work.

Starboard Float
Starboard float is faired..

Sunday march 16 2008
Starboard float the last strips
Starboard float almost finished.

Port float
Port float: Tacks are removed (More than 1000 ..) The fairing has begon.

Sunday March 9 2008
Port float bow reconstruction. The bow is a little wider now because of the required strength for "klunen". The float is finished. Now fairing for 2 days...

Last strip in place
Port float the last strip...

Saturday march 1 2008
Both floats side by side
Both floats side by side

Port side first western red cedar strips
Port side first strips in place

Starboard moulds in place.

Zondag 24 februari 2008

Inner gunwhales.

Shape is visible
Shape becomes visisble.

Skeg has an airfoil shape.

Getting in place
Getting in place

Sunday februari 17 2008

Ripping .
A saw kerf of 1,5 km!
In the front steamkettle and steambox.

First positioning
First positioning of moulds