IkorniCraft General information

Our vessels are custom built to client specifications The building method is the so called woodstrip-method: Over a set of moulds a (in most cases) red cedar hull is built. This wooden core is covered on in and outside with fibre glass cloth. The used resin type is west-system epoxy. The final form looks like a wooden boat covered with a glossy transparent lacquer layer. The glass-fibre cloth is hardly visible. With this in mind it is also possible to add a personal touch to the vessel, like logo's, trimlines and such by using veneer for instance . The result is a unique personal vessel which is one of its kind. So no mass product. The "sandwich" construction is very rigid. Only in the pulling-boats ribs are used but that is because of construc- tion-possibilities at the inside of the hull. Eventual damage is in most cases very well repairable. The boat is varnished with 3 layers of Interlux goldspar poly urethaan finish with UV filter. This to protect the underlying epoxylayer against UV rays. It is important to check the boat for scratches yearly.